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Approach to Mental Health Services


Relationship issues

My theoretical orientation is a combination of humanistic and cognitive behavioral approaches. I use these approaches to develop a strength based focus with my clients. My techniques include reflection, identifying and correcting cognitive distortions, goal setting and evaluation. I work with my clients to identify areas in which they are struggling and then clarify the ways they can build and use their strengths to overcome their difficulties. It is important to help my clients develop an internal sense of who they are and how they are acting so that they can take responsibility for their behavior. When working with children and youth, I believe it is important to involve the client’s primary caregivers whenever possible and appropriate in order to facilitate growth for my clients.  


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The following issues are some of the different reasons why individuals and/or families come to see me for counseling: 



Anger Management  

Relationship Issues  

Parenting Issues  

Grief and Loss 




Life Transitions 

Child and Adolescent Issues